Publication of information and other transparency measures are essential for successful implementation of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) as indicated in Article 21 of this Agreement. Both Parties are committed to regularly publishing all information of interest to stakeholders and information to facilitate implementation and monitoring of the VPA. This page follows Annex IX of the VPA which describes the information to be published by the Government of Liberia or that can be made available to the public under the Freedom of Information Act by the Government of Liberia.

Voluntary Partnership Agreement

VPA between the European Union and the Republic of Liberia on forest law enforcement, governance and trade in timber products to the European Union.

7th_JIC Signed Aide Memoire and Annexes

VPA Liberia_full version_EU 

8th JIC Aide Memoire


Explore all the relevant laws, by-laws, and regulations governing the forest, land and natural resources in the Republic of Liberia. This section includes all aspects of the regulatory framework that are referred to in the Liberian legality definition in Annex II of the VPA.

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Joint Implementation Committee (JIC)

Procedures guiding the functioning of the JIC

Aide-memoires of the meetings to the JIC


Information on FLEGT licences

Number of FLEGT licences, rejected FLEGT applications, non-compliances, quantities of timber export etc.

National Multi-Stakeholder Monitoring Committee

Minutes of meetings, decisions and other papers from the NMSMC and other stakeholder bodies

Guidelines and Operation Procedures

Guide for Forest Management Planning, Code of Forest Harvesting Practices, guidelines for LAS compliance, guidelines for social agreements etc.

Third Party Monitoring

SGS reports

Independent Audit

All the reports from the Independent Auditors

Management of the Forestry Sector

Based on Freedom of Information Act 2010

  • Policy, procedures and rules
  • Budgets
  • Financial accounts of the authority
  • Organisation chart, including lines of reporting
  • Material contracts
  • Procedure for appealing against decisions by the authority or its officers
  • Resolutions of the board of directors
  • Audit reports
  • Public comments, reports strategies and manuals relating to the forest sector, pursuant to Section 18.15 of the National Forestry Reform Law

Forest Resource Allocation

  • Forest licenses issued, including timber sales contracts (TSC), forest management contracts (FMC), agreements and permits for operations and for processing wood products, including forest use permit (FUP) and private use permit (PUP)
  • Agricultural concession contract agreements pertaining to products listed in Annex I of the VPA
  • Documents relating to competitive bidding: pre-qualificatin evaluation panel report
  • Concession contracts awarded
  • Social agreements between forest communities and all contract or permit holders
  • Maps of communal forests and their areas
  • List of maps of all TSCs, PUPs, FUPs and FMCs awarded

Forest Resource Production

  • Volumes and monetary values of harvested forest resources, processed forest products and exported forest products
  • Annual volume of timber and derived products imported into Liberia or transited through Liberia

Forest Fees and Revenues

  • Schedule of all forestry-related fees and taxes
  • FoB prices

Law Enforcement

  • Penalties imposed and the list of those who actually paid and those who did not pay or comply
  • Annual volume of timber products sold at public auction and the monetary value of the sales

Additional information when requested under the Freedom of Information Act 

Information on forest resource allocation

  • Documents on pre-qualification and list of pre-qualified companies
  • Documents relating to competitive bidding including bid documents and bid evaluation panel report
  • List of prohibited persons
  • List of debarred persons
  • List of suspended persons
  • All documents, records and information relating to approved business and forest management plans
  • Location and ownership of land subject to Forest Resources License

Information on forest resource production

  • Volume and location of wood available for harvest under the annual coupe per concession
  • Information held on the Liberian LAS database
  • Annual volume of timber products consumed on the domestic market by type of product and species

Information on processing

  • List of registered processing companies and their contact details
  • Production capacity per processing unit by company
  • Annual volume of logs processed by species and type of product per processor

Information on forest fees and revenues

  • Amount of fees and taxes assessed on business entities in the forestry sector assessed by the Ministry of Finance and the amounts paid per forest resource contract–holder.
  • Amount of money received and disbursed by the Government to the Community Forestry Development Funds
  • Amount of money received and disbursed by the National Community Benefit Sharing Trust
  • Amount of money received and disbursed by the Trust to Community Forestry Development Committees, with a breakdown by project, date and affected community
  • Outcomes of complaints from the public in connection with the County Forestry Development Fund and the National Benefit Sharing Trust or any Community Forestry Development Committee

Information on law enforcement in concession areas

  • Charges of violations, arrests, settlements and convictions associated with the operations under the forest resources licence as recorded by the FDA
  • Forest resources license fee invoices and payment information